As of October 2007 we provide employees from Belarus.

We are very pleased to inform our customers that as of October 2007 our company is developing a network of its representatives in Belarus. Taking adva...


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In relation to the dynamic economic growth and the removal of restrictions in legal employment for Poles, an enormous demand has appeared in many European Union countries for employees from Eastern Europe.
Global HR is the market leader in personnel consulting providing employees from Ukraine and Belarus to many companies and international corporations operating in Poland. These employees constitute not just a temporary solution to the issue of a lack of Polish employees, but also become the foundations for the development of many companies. For citizens from Eastern Europe the opportunity of finding work and settling in Poland is a very appealing prospect, which allows one to substantially reduce the costs related to the human resources policy of a company and increase its competitiveness in the market.

Through our network of consultants operating in Eastern Europe, we can find the employee in any area of expertise. The following occupations are especially popular at the present: builders, production employees, drivers and hotel and catering staff. GLOBAL HR, in executing a customer's order, handles both recruitment and selection of employees and carries out the formal procedures related to the employment of foreigners in Poland. Thanks to the implementation of the simplified procedures for employing foreigners in Poland, which came into effect on July 20, 2007, the completion time of the recruitment process was substantially shortened and became similar to the time of acquiring an employee in Poland.


Thanks to the extensive contacts of Global HR in the public administration and business areas in Eastern Europe, each candidate is thoroughly verified before his/her arrival to Poland. The verification includes documents, potential criminal status and, primarily, the professional skills and ability to adapt to the new environment.

RECRUITMENT OF EMPLOYEES FOR POLISH ENTERPRISES OPERATING IN THE TERRITORY OF EASTERN EUROPE GLOBAL HR also offers assistance to Polish enterprises starting their expansion in the Ukrainian and Belarusian market by delivering the management staff to the newly-created companies. Thanks to our two-year long presence on this market we have a database of specialists in various areas, graduates of prestigious universities speaking many languages, with extensive experience in working in the European Union.

GUARANTEE All employees provided by Global HR are covered by a guarantee which allows the customer to exchange the employee without charge, if he/she does not meet the requirements set out in the order. Thanks to this the employer does not incur any risk resulting from the employment of a foreigner. The guarantee conditions correspond to the degree of difficulty of the project.

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